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Cheering Screening of "Inu-oh" with Live Music Performance Guest:Yoshihide Otomo, Yukihiro Goto


8.20 Sat. 15:10~ @Great Hall

Program Overview

One of the most talked-about animated films of the year in the world of animation, "Inu-oh" has been whipping fans into a frenzy since its release in May, and will be screened at the "Crazy" Cheering Screening, where you can enjoy and cheer along with Inu-oh and his friends in the heated live scenes! Before the screening, there will be a talk and special music session by Yoshihide Otomo Yoshihide, composer of the film, and Yukihiro Goto, who supervised the biwa instrument

Moderator: Nobuaki Doi

*The "Crazy" Cheering Screening is a screening to enjoy and cheer the heated live scenes performed by Inu-oh and Tomona together.
You may bring in various types of fans, uchiwa fans, and other cheering goods, as well as psyllium, penlights, and other shiny items.



Masaaki Yuasa

Muromachi Period. A boy lived at Dannoura, where the remains and wreckage of the defeated Heike clan still lie in the sea. His name was Ionotomona. One day, Tomoo and his father were begged by a group of people from the capital to row out to sea in search of a sword, one of the ""three sacred weapons"" that were said to have fallen into the sea with the Heike, proof of their imperial throne. However, Tomoo's father is killed by the curse on the sword, and Tomoo loses the sight in both eyes.  As if pushed by the ghost of his father and his mother, who cries out in regret, Tomoo heads for the capital alone. On his way there, he meets the biwa master Taniichi, who becomes his apprentice. Upon arriving in the capital, Tomooichi was welcomed into the Kakuichi clan, to which Taniichi belonged, and given the name ""Tomoichi"" (友一). However, he wonders whether he should accept his new name and join the Kakuichi clan, so he once again prepares for a journey and wanders alone in the capital at night.  In the capital, there is another boy. His father is the head of the Hieiza, a branch of the Sarugaku Noh theater. The boy had grown up outdoors like a dog, but he had inherited the talent of a Noh performer. He learned Noh by watching and learning, and used his peculiar physique to dance differently from others. Wearing a gourd mask, he ran along the streets of Tokyo as if he enjoyed the fact that his deformity attracted people's attention.  Then, the two boys meet. The one who plays music and the one who dances. They instantly hit it off. The boy who dances Noh later calls himself ""Inu-Oh. From there, a new story begins.  While each pursues his own artistic path, their performance of a new and unconventional form of Noh thrills the people of the capital. Tomoichi, who changed his name to Tomoari, overwhelmed the audience with his one-of-a-kind free-spirited performance style and singing voice that could be called a cry from the soul. Inuoh captivated people with his unconventional performances and unrivaled physical expression, and as he reached unprecedented heights as an artist, his body, bound by a curse, gradually changed. His popularity soon swelled to the point of antagonizing the conservative Noh players and biwa players, and eventually reached the ears of the imperial court.  Finally, Inuoh and Tomoyuri were to perform their art in front of the shogun, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. For the two, this is the stage of a lifetime, the pinnacle of their career, and the moment they encounter the truth they have been searching for.

Masaaki Yuasa

Science SARU is an animation production company founded by Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi in 2013. Committed to nurturing new talent and implementing cutting-edge creative technology, the company has produced projects across different mediums, including television broadcast, theatrical release, and digital streaming. Some of Science SARU’s most well-known works include the internationally-acclaimed films The Night is Short, Walk On Girl (2017) and Lu Over the Wall (2017), the latter of which was the recipient of the Annecy International Film Festival's Cristal Award for Best Feature Film. The studio's works for television and streaming have included the hit series DEVILMAN crybaby (2018) and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (2020). The company's most recent series, The Heike Story, was released to advance streaming in 2021, with its TV broadcast in 2022 garnering critical acclaim. 2022 will see a number of other projects released as well, starting with the theatrical release of Inu-Oh, and followed by the TV broadcast of the series Yurei Deco in July, and the theatrical release of Tatami Time Machine Blues in September.