World Competition

World Competition:Allegories Nowadays(2)


8.18 Thu. 19:45~ @Great Hall
8.21 Sun. 16:30~ @Yokogawa Cinema
This program can be continued with "World Competition:Allegories Nowadays(1)”

Program Overview

This category is for fiction-based works.


When You Get To The Forest
Eric Power
United States

Overwhelmed, Dana takes to the road, leaving her past in the rearview mirror. Seeking solace she visits a hiking trail from her youth. A few wrong turns and a nasty fall later, she awakens alone in a strange forest, save for one new companion -- a talking cat. Dana explores the forest seeking a way out, back to the life she was running from.

Eric Power

When You Get To The Forest marks the 3rd animated feature film from director/animator Eric Power. Once again, the film was animated completely independently in the medium of paper stop motion.
Eric Power has been crafting unique and exciting animated films for nearly two decades. His focus on hand-made paper stop motion has garnered widespread attention. With work spanning music videos, short films, and several feature films, Eric has helped spread the love for the medium of paper animation to audiences young and young at heart.