2022.11.15 H-AIR REPORT 公式レポート

【Nata Metlukh:Monthly Report】2022.10

Nata Metlukh

H-AIR Monthly Report: October 2022

Film “Off-Time” 

I made several new shots, and I'll focus solely on rough animation in the remaining 3 weeks of the residence.


To experience the off-time effect on ourselves, we visited the Setouchi Triennale art festival on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The experiment was successful, and 3 days of the trip felt like 2 weeks.


We visited 3 islands each with its own atmosphere and scenic views, discovering mysterious artworks and installations. Every museum and gallery has unique architecture blended with the surrounding nature. Such an art trip was a new experience for me, many forms of artwork had an immersive effect evoking different senses.  

There were 3 art rooms featuring sight and space that impressed me the most. Photos were not allowed, so I drew sketches instead.

The first room was a dark room. Just empty space with no light at all, where you can’t distinguish whether your eyes are open or closed. With no sight, all other senses become sharper.  

The second room also played with the vision, where you stand in a space illuminated with so bright blue that your eyes hurt. After that everything beyond that room started to look orange and too bulging.

And the third room that impressed me the most was a curved space with a hole in the roof and a puddle in the center. The floor has a drainage system with tiny holes, which slowly pour water droplets. The floor is also curved, so the droplets slowly move into the main puddle. It’s a really fascinating spectacle and you can meditate there endlessly, watching how the droplets connect into streams and move around.  

Being in that space I was impressed firstly that anything can be art, secondly that the simplest things are the most powerful, and thirdly that people can fly halfway across the world to see a simple puddle.

High School Festival 

Joyama High School, where I held a flying bird workshop, invited me to their art festival. I was surprised that my simple workshop was turned into something bigger. 300 students and their teachers animated flying birds and creatures and pulled together an 11-minute video. I am glad that my animation exercise could potentially interest some students in filmmaking and maybe some of them become animation artists in the future.  


And I made a gif about rough and clean animation as a continuation of my “Animation Glossary” project, where I illustrate animation terms in a metaphorical way.