2022.09.20 H-AIR REPORT 公式レポート

【Nata Metlukh:Monthly Report】2022.8

Nata Metlukh

H-AIR Monthly Report: August 2022

Film “Off-Time” 

I continue drawing the backgrounds and animating the scenes. Here are the completed shot #3 and the clean animation of #4 (WIP).


Workshops / talks

There was a final visit to Joyama High School with Machikado “Flying Bird” workshop when the students finished their series of drawings. I scanned all the drawings, cleaned them up, and assembled them into one sequence of flying birds. In the post-production, I mixed the soundtrack for it.

Full video with sound

We took part in the Hiroshima Festival Artist Talk at International Conference Center, where we presented our works and watched 3 animated films from different high school students, providing them feedback.

Also, we had a Fureai workshop presenting our works and entertaining home-schooled children.

Hiroshima Animation Season Festival

The main event of the month was undoubtedly the Animation Season. From the viewer’s perspective, it was a successful and well-organized first edition of the festival. I had a chance to watch my newest film “Regular” on a big screen and had an explanation talk afterward.

Also, we had a group talk explaining the Hiroshima-Artist-In-Residence concept and our roles in the program.

I watched all the competition programs at the festival and discovered many new talents. Though my favorite films were from already established masters: Atsushi Wada’s “Bird in the Peninsula”, Honami Yano’s “A Bite of Bone”, and Vincent Patar’s “A Town Called Panic: The Summer Holidays”.

I was impressed by the live lightning performance at the Science SARU’s “Inu-Oh” screening, and live dubbing at the “Films for Children” program.

Overall I had a great time with other filmmakers and want to thank all the festival crew for your hard work!

I hope that the festival will grow over time and we will be able to meet regularly. For now, I’ll have a little vacation traveling around, getting new ideas for my works, and be ready for the other half of the residency.